How to achieve career success?

The important aspects that the employers usually expect from employees vary based on the job positions and their role and responsibilities. Even though, some listed skills are there that all employers look forward from all sort of employees. Those skills are relevant to all the job positions.

It is very essential for all to be aware of some factors that can lead to the career success. When you are determining your career, make sure whether you can satisfy your recruiter in the ways he/she expects. Different job positions need different aspects or factors to be fulfilled. But, there are some common factors that should be considered to achieve career success.


The skills demanded for career success

01. Basic skills:

Reading, Writing and arithmetic are the basic skills. There are wide range of school graduates and even college graduates who can’t read properly and unable to do simple multiplication by mind. But, the basic skills that all employers look forwards from their employees are proper reading ability, coherent writing skill and fluent calculating skill in a business environment (fractions, percentages, etc). In addition to these skills, some modern basic skills including basic computer knowledge, keyboarding skill and ability to handle most of the computerized tools (Eg: fax machine, basic word processing program etc) are always expected from the employers for the sake of career success.


02. Personal skills:
An employee should be potential to speak and communicate well. He/she should capable enough to answer for the questions of the customers in a positive and an informative way. He/she should provide a better service to the customers. To be a successful employee, he/she should be interactive with other co-workers, team members, subordinates, management officers and importantly with customers. A group of excellent personal skills drag an employee more frequent opportunities to make the career success.


03. Job attainment:
Searching an appropriate job is also another skill one should possess. It should be done with whole dedication and attention implying to career success. Many veteran programmers look into the old principal GIGO (Garbage In; Garbage Out). If the effort is carelessly done, then the result also becomes worthless. Employers’ main focus on employees is to seek the ability of exposing themselves in an attractive way and expressing the involvement and enthusiasm to get the job offer knowing all about the company they approach. Job attainment is not only about the skills and experiences of the employees, but also it concerns more on approaching a job through job search. It is obvious that an enthusiastic employee with fewer skills has the equal chances of getting job opportunities as of a lazy employee with more skills.


04. Job survival:
Withstanding in a job for a long time depends on how we are behaving and showing your performance in your work. An employee showing more interest and dedication towards the work is always considered as a precious asset for that particular company. On the other hand, if an employee’s performance and behavior do not satisfy his/her employee, it would not bring a positive result for the employee. So, a successful professional should know how to improve his/her career by leaps and bounds.


05. Professional Development:
In the competitive world of today, some of the important aspects including updating the established skills, adopting new skills and applying new concepts etc will help you to achieve more height in your career path. An enthusiastic employee will continuously attend the seminars, take classes, get training on new products or releases, or learn new skills to promote themselves in the market to achieve the career success. If you want to be a successful person, you should be ready to learn at any time. Learning new things for lifelong will definitely leads to quick success. Employers are seeking for professionals who can satisfy their needs instantly.


06. Career development:
Professional development and career development are two different contexts. Professional development is a learning process but career development is a process of planning and setting goals to be achieved. An employee who wants to be successful in his/her career will develop a career plan with written goals for short term as well as long term. They should sketch the steps required to move from one point to another within the scheduled time and how to implement or proceed those steps to achieve the set goals. There will a responsible person for accounting the progress and monitoring the success in fulfilling the goals. Employers want and expect individuals who can dedicatedly work for their company for long span of time. Rapid career progression is a plus point for the employees to settle in the heart of employers.

So, these are the main factors or skills that you should have to achieve career success very soon. Think for a minute whether you possess all these six demanded skills. Feel free and comfortable to approach us for more clarification and assistance.

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