Most Common Mistakes During a Job Interview – Part1

Attending an interview needs a lot of prior preparation and homework. You should at least know briefly about the company. You should thoroughly relate your skills and talents to the job description. You should know how to market you prominently, how to ask wise questions and how to present yourself for an interview to impress the recruiters.

Facing an interview seems to be the most difficult and stressful task in the job searching process for many of the job seekers. The stress and panic to face an interview are resulted by the lack of confidence and no proper knowledge on how to face an interview. Here are some of the important mistakes that the job seekers do during a job interview.

01. Failure to access about the company before the interview:
The expectation of the interviewers on the candidates is to spend some time to explore some basic information about the company they have applied for job. So, on the time of interview session, they try to test you whether you know something about their company to evaluate your interest in joining with them. If you fail to face that situation, it really creates a bad impression about you. So many candidates will be there apart from you to compete for the same position. So, you should be specific enough to succeed the competition by knowing at least the basic background about the company, their work or products, their competitors in the market etc. It will be an additional advantage for you to get the job opportunity.

02. Not clear and prepared on what you are interviewing for:
All you need is to clearly familiarize with the job description so that you could able to match your experiences, talents and skills accordingly with the needs of the company. This would facilitate you to impress and highlight yourself that you are the ideal candidate that the interviewers are seeking for.

03. Failure to market yourself correctly:
Marketing yourself correctly is very important to withstand your personality in the minds of interviewers. A big competition is being spread all over the world. So you must be talent enough to define or present yourself ensuring you are the most appropriate candidate to fill the vacant that they are looking for.

04. Be silent without asking questions:
It is always good to have two or three wise questions to ask the interview panel. If you are already prepared with the questions, it does not matter to note them in a piece of paper and refer it at the right time during the interview. You should not think that asking questions to the recruiters create a bad impression. It is absolutely not. Interview is an opportunity where the information is exchanged between the recruiters and the candidates. So you will be given opportunity to ask questions. So you can intelligently use that opportunity to poke wise questions.

05. Improper attire for an interview:
First impression is the best impression. So facing an interview in professional attire is always acceptable and appreciable. You don’t need to be so professional. But, your appearance, way of dressing, way of talking, voice modulation and your behavior altogether influence to create impression (positive or negative) on you. So, you should be nice to wear proper dress for an interview.

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