Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Migration CV Writing

Living in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the past two decades, I’ve seen countless aspiring individuals embark on exciting journeys of migration. It’s a thrilling time, filled with new possibilities and a world of opportunities. But let me tell you, one of the biggest hurdles I’ve witnessed is crafting a compelling CV that cuts through the clutter and lands that coveted interview. Trust me, I’ve seen it all – CVs riddled with typos, generic descriptions that scream “copy-paste,” and formats that resemble

Most Common Mistakes During a Job Interview – Part1

Attending an interview needs a lot of prior preparation and homework. You should at least know briefly about the company. You should thoroughly relate your skills and talents to the job description. You should know how to market you prominently, how to ask wise questions and how to present yourself for an interview to impress the recruiters. Facing an interview seems to be the most difficult and stressful task in the job searching process for many of the job seekers. The

How to achieve career success?

The important aspects that the employers usually expect from employees vary based on the job positions and their role and responsibilities. Even though, some listed skills are there that all employers look forward from all sort of employees. Those skills are relevant to all the job positions. It is very essential for all to be aware of some factors that can lead to the career success. When you are determining your career, make sure whether you can satisfy your recruiter in

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Difference between a CV and a Resume

CV vs. Resumes: The difference and when to use which Both CV and resume are widely used to study about an employee and his overall skills and experiences by an employer. These two are bit confusing among the people. So, here you can get the chance to differentiate CV and resume. Different countries are following different culture in using CV and resume. CV Curriculum vitae (CV) which means course of life in Latin is a full history of one’s academic credentials. A CV